1. The Difference Between What You "Should" Do And What You "Must" Do | Fast Company | Business Innovation →

  2. Watch out (via How to Lie with Data Visualization | Heap Data Blog)

    Watch out (via How to Lie with Data Visualization | Heap Data Blog)

  3. How to Lie With Data Visualization →

    One of the easiest ways to misrepresent your data is by messing with the y-axis of a bar graph, line graph, or scatter plot. In most cases, the y-axis ranges from 0 to a maximum value that encompasses the range of the data. However, sometimes we change the range to better highlight the differences. Taken to an extreme, this technique can make differences in data seem much larger than they are.

  4. Good ol' Gary →

    Good to know that retirement and a Hall of Fame induction hasn’t humbled Payton. He’s still the same self-assured and candid sound bite he’s always been. And if past behavior is any indication, he’s never going to change.

  5. Joe Cocker is so BA. (by Richie Cange)

  6. The Difference Between What You "Should" Do And What You "Must" Do →

    And this is exactly what happens when our life, our essence, is one and the same with our work. It’s when job descriptions and titles no longer make sense because we don’t go to work—we are the work.

  7. Still, there were a few times when this correlation between office work and being middle class came to be questioned, and this was when the work itself began to seem less enjoyable, or its connection to steady upward mobility less apparent: in other words, when office workers began to see themselves less as “employees” or “junior businessmen,” and more as, well, workers.

    — Our Cubicles, Ourselves: How the Modern Office Shapes American Life

  8. Led Zeppelin Live at the Royal Albert Hall 1970 (by Rhidalgo789)

  9. Arctic Monkeys - Hold On, We’re Going Home (Drake) in the Live Lounge (by BBC Radio 1)

  10. Exposed Brick →

    From what I can tell, you’ve got all the basics. The messaging, the gamification, the anonymity, the big data, the small data, the photosharing; sort of a Whatsapp meets Tesla meets delivery drones meets a guy with a hipster beard and some cool glasses, with a clean, hot or not-inspired UI, exposed brick, and some decent artisinal coffee pods in the kitchen?

  11. The peak of rock’s popularity would coincide with the Age of the Album; the deterioration of the latter eventually contributed to the former’s fade.

    — The Winners’ History of Rock and Roll, Part 1: Led Zeppelin

  12. TCS - Robot Heart: Fake Plastic Trees - Radiohead (cover by Kawehi) (by Kawehi)

  13. I cherish interactions with the opposite sex like they’re acorns and I’m the squirrel in the “Ice Age” movies.

    — Post Grad Problems | Places To Hit On Guys, From A Guy’s Perspective

  14. "What happens when she reaches 100%"?

    "I don’t know…"

    (via http://www.youtube.com/attribution_link?a=2HPJiG2Y0qs&u=/watch?v=CnrazBIAMt8&feature=share)

  15. #ILoveYou